Wills and Trusts

Remember when your Mom or Dad would leave you a note on the refrigerator, telling you what to get done while they are gone?  That’s what a Will is .   Nothing more than telling your survivors what you want done when you leave.  Who gets what, who should get that special ring or watch, what charity should share in your legacy, and what to do with the young children, including grandchildren.   We will help you achieve what you want done in your absence, while explaining what the law requires to make that “note on the refrigerator” effective.  Probate can be confusing, but a steady hand can eliminate the mystery.  That’s what we do.

If you want to avoid the probate court, we can set up several different kinds of trusts to meet your goals.  Trusts can be simple or complex but, at end of the day, they are holding vessels for your property.  Houses, accounts, and personal property can be held by a trust.  You can set up a trust to pay for college for the kids, or to pay for special needs of that loved one.  You can even control this trust while you are alive, without interference from the courts.   We can make it simple for you.