The Law Office of Ronald M. Kas has been serving clients since 1989, helping them navigate the legal challenges people face every day. Early in his career, Ron recognized that virtually every family buys or sells a house at least once in their lifetime.  Many of those same families also encounter tough times, both personal and financial.  Real Estate, Debt Negotiation and Divorce are the areas Ron chose for his practice.

In good economic times and bad, houses are built, bought, and sold.  Since 1989, Ron has represented thousands of clients who pursued The American Dream of home ownership.  When times became tough for Americans in 2007, Ron recognized a need for effective short sale negotiations.  He expanded his law practice, and has successfully negotiated millions of dollars of debt forgiveness for his clients, and is a leader in the short sale field.

Ron has also represented hundreds of clients who need help with personal issues like divorce, child custody, and support.  Likewise, he has assisted in the preparation of wills, trusts, and advanced directives to health care providers.

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